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Sabay Bar…..Koh Chang, Thailand.
White Sand Beach

7/10 moo4 Trat, Thailand  23710  
phone + (66) 81 864 2074 or 031 559 098


Recently, while on White Sand Beach in Thailand, I came across a place
called Sabay Bar. It means, “Happy Bar” in Thai.  This place is the coolest!
They have outdoor seating on the beach. You can choose a table or sit on the
sand on a carpet! I prefer the carpet. It fits in with the whole Sheeshah
(Hookah) theme they’ve got goin’ on.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m a fan
of the Sheeshah!  They only have two flavors, Apple and Grape….but ohhhhh…so
delicious! The Sheeshah is 300 baht…the equivalent of $9.  The drinks are
tasty and reasonably priced too. The presentation is adorable. My drink was
served to me in a coconut shell with a little bamboo umbrella. The staff
is very friendly and they know how to have a good time. They were all
living it up and smoking the hookah too! This bar is great for meeting young and
attractive travelers like yourself and the setting is perfect for your date
with your vacation fling.  I didn’t have a fling there but I did meet this
Iranian/Norwegian guy that I’ve been crushin’ on since!  Okay ….enough about
me.  Hookah pipe in one hand, drink in the other …while watching the sunset
on the beach in Thailand! A little piece of heaven!

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