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Eureka Hostal

Eureka Hostal
Chihuampata 591 – San Blas Phone: +51 84 233505

My best friend and travel buddy Melissa always jokes around and calls me “five star” because she thinks that I only like to stay in high class hotels. Although do like a certain levevl of comfort, I’m not one to shy away from a good deal or mind “roughing it” for a few days to save money and the experience. So when we arrived in Cusco with no hotel reservations and only a couple of ideas of hotel options, I was open to the idea of a “hostal”. There are cabs waiting outside the train station along with “guides”, which are basically people trying to get you to stay at certain hotels and book tours with them. One such “guide” jumped into our cab and was telling us a couple different “hostal” accommodations. I was against such an idea but decided that I should keep an open mind. Well, I was thoroughly surprised that the “hostal” that he first took us to, Eureka, was nice and clean and super cheap! The rate told to us by the guide was $50 for a triple room…but you’ll have to ask for the “special price” because the prices posted in the lobby for the various rooms are double and triple the “special price”. We asked to see the room, #21, and it was actually nicely decorated and spacious and even had a little dining area. It had a nice view of Cusco from the two balconies and seemed like it was on a quite enough street. You can’t beat the price so we took it! The room totaled to $59/night because of “taxes” but that seemed a little too high. So be wary cheap prices cause they’ll stick it to you with the so called taxes.

The front desk people are very nice and helpful and the hotel is small but clean. But, cheap comes at a price. There was only a space heater and it can get chilly at night. The hot water isn’t that hot and especially if you have 3 girls sharing a bathroom it runs out quick. So be sure to either be the first one to shower or take quick 5 minute showers. The so called “quiet” street was not so quiet and you can hear the cars and people below. You were only on the second floor the windows are not sound proof people.

The complimentary breakfast is served from 6am-9:30am and consists of your basic cereal, bread, hot tea and horrible black coffee (you’ll have to dilute it with hot water and milk to make it somewhat drinkable) and fresh fruit. Their mangoes are super yummy and I may have hogged all of it each morning. And there is always coca tea, all day for free.

There is also free wifi and a computer in the lobby for free reign. Very helpful. The location is great since it is walking distance to Plaza de Armas and Plas San Blas (which is right around corner) along with some markets and shops. Not to mention the amazing bakery 5 minutes away (look for it in an upcoming post). Pleasant stay in room #21 for the first 2 nights.

Then since my travel buddies were leaving me for their 4 day trek to Machu Pichu (which I thankfully passed on) I had to transfer to a single room. Big mistake. I was transferred to room #27 which was right below the staircase and behind the “cafeteria”. Not a good location. And although the room was only $35 a night it was tiny and not as clean as the other room. The view was of shacks (although you can see the mountains in the distance) and garbage. The bathroom was super tiny and not to mention no running water at night. Found that out the hard way when tried to take a shower at midnight after a long and tiring day trekking to Machu Pichu and was soaking wet from a torrential downpour. No shower, no water. Awesome. At least the toilet worked though.

The plus side was that the front desk guys are awesome, especially when traveling on your own. They helped me out quite a bit when I was by myself.

So, would I recommend the hotel? Yes. Just make sure you ask to see the rooms first and make sure you don’t get room #27. Even if you are by yourself, spring the extra 10-15 bucks for a double room. Unless you like getting no sleep because you can hear every single person that goes up and down the stairs, you don’t like taking showers at night and you prefer views of shanties.

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